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Features & Benefits

Over and under shotguns

The mechanism

The iron fore-end always comes with an interchangeable insert in special steel that makes it easy to tighten the shotgun if it becomes loose through years of very heavy use. The Revenant and Invictus IX are fitted with a patented ‘Winged’ forend iron that retains all the mechanical functions of other types of forend iron and features two symmetrical side parts that allow the engraving to be extended to cover the whole surface. The triggers are fast, safe and crisp. The inertia single trigger, gold-plated on some hunting models, is provided with a double compensator: the link between compensator and inertia block (situated on the action and not on the trigger to enhance safety in case of accidental drops or hits) features a mobile ball which reduces friction to the minimum while shooting.

Competition shotguns come with adjustable triggers which allow even micrometric adjustments to optimize not only the length of the trigger pull but also the grip, turning the shotgun in a true personalized shooting tool. The two-stage hammers also enhance safety. They are operated by pre-charged coil springs and are of the rebounding type, which is typical of prestigious and more costly shotguns. As a consequence the firing pins never protrude from the face after the shotgun has been fired which, once again, makes the shotgun safer and very smooth to open. Receivers in light alloy come with two interchangeable stainless steel inserts in the breech. They make the guns extremely resistant to wear and corrosion generated by cartridge discharge gases.

The tang safety comes with a selector that is easy to use and responsive to the touch. The ejectors feature a solid operating cam making the extraction safe and reliable with all types of ammunition, even shells with the heaviest loads. The ejector stop is secured by a round boss that, not having any corners, prevents the ejectors from breaking even when the shotgun is used very heavily. This is typical only of very fine guns.

Stocks and forends

Stocks in extra select wood feature an oil finish which is very easy to repair and exactly cut hand-finished checkering, which is typical only of finer guns. Our hunting shotguns come with very elegant “Prince of Wales” stocks. The hand-made round pistol grip is different from standard machine-cut grips, giving these shotguns a distinctive personality. Devoid of any sharp corners, these special pistol grips make the guns easy to handle for people with different-sized hands.

Elegantly checkered butt plates complete our “Prince of Wales” stocks. Our competition shotguns come with pistol grip stocks developed specifically for the needs of target shooters and are finished off with rubber pads. These stocks are provided with an internal captive locking bolt and a T- wrench that makes the stocks easily removable. Our top of the line hunting and sporting shotguns are finely hand engraved and feature long tang trigger guards firmly inlet into the pistol grip without the use of any screw. The long trigger guard extends all the way to a perfectly shaped metal cap.

Our shotguns all feature perfectly matching forends. The hunting models come with either elegant round forends or Schnabel forends. The round forends of the Revenant and Invictus IX are perfectly matched with the patented ‘Winged’ forend iron to create a gun that is elegant, smooth and unique. This touch of sophistication can only be found in the highest quality shotguns. The sporting models feature Schnabel forends while the Trap models come with beavertail forends. All forends are provided with Anson-style release buttons, which are easy to use and aesthetically more attractive than the traditional latch levers: another feature that is more typical of custom or limited production guns.

Barrels and choke tubes

The barrels in Chrome-Moly steel are drilled and reamed to improve elasticity and, therefore, ballistic performance. They also come with an impeccable finish thanks to a double polishing process: by hand first and then by robot. We offer different types of top ribs and sights depending on the use the shotgun is intended for. Our standard field shotguns come with ventilated top ribs while our high quality field models come with traditional solid tapered ribs. Both ribs are filed and provided with brass beads. Our competition shotguns come with white beads mounted on 10-mm tapered top ribs. The longitudinal filing of the ribs allows shooters to better control their aiming positions.

On request our barrels can undergo the “Steel Shot” test. Our 12ga barrels feature a new bore geometry called “Maxisbore”. The new bore has also been combined with a new forcing cone between chambers and bore called “Duecon”. Both “Maxisbore” and “DueCon” make it possible to increase pellet velocity, reduce misshaping and decrease felt recoil.

On request our shotguns in light alloy can be provided with our special “RAYE” barrels specifically studied for woodcock hunting in the woods. The top tube comes with an interchangeable “Maxischoke” choke tube while the last 14 cm of the lower tube feature a special radius, which generates a very wide, even and homogenous shot pattern even at 8-10 meters. Along with the “Maxisbore” project we have also introduced our “Maxischoke” interchangeable choke tubes. They are longer than the “Selectachoke” models. Their constriction angle is smoother to the advantage of the shot pattern. Every choke tube in the Caesar Guerini line (“Selectachokes” and “Maxichokes”) is made of special steel alloy and is extremely resistant. Different constrictions are available for our field and competition shotguns.

Actions and engraving

Since our actions are forged from solid billets, in either steel or light alloy, the material does not experience excessive cutting during machining. Therefore the actions are stronger and absorb recoil better. All our actions in NiCrMo are cemented and hardened to have a very flexible core and a very hard surface. All Caesar Guerini shotguns, including the extra light models, undergo the 1320-bar high-pressure test at the Italian National Proof House.

The hinge pins are made from an extremely wear/stress resistant material and are fully interchangeable. The locking lugs, with their wide working surface, contribute to the resistance and longevity of the shotguns. Our side-plated models feature completely pin less side plates that feature a stunningly seamless engraving canvas. This unique feature bears evidence of how precisely, and with extremely close tolerances, our shotguns are built and assembled.

Almost all Caesar Guerini shotguns feature hand-filed fences that are typical of very high-quality hand-made shotguns but are rarely seen on mass produced products. Caesar Guerini shotguns feature very refined engraving patterns executed using different techniques but are always hand finished by the best master engravers. The results are extremely beautiful and contribute to the overall quality of the guns.