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Dynamic Tuning System


Our “DTS” (“Dynamic Tuning System”) project is the result of incredible engineering efforts coupled with substantial investments in R&D. Through the “DTS” project, we create technologically advanced solutions to meet the demand of very sophisticated shooters who want custom solutions. We use technology and innovation to better serve our customers without ever neglecting cosmetics and elegance, our strengths so far.

The “DTS” project covers several studies: adjustable top ribs on our sporting guns; rifled bore barrels provided with a system which allows one to change regulation for different loads on our double rifles; comb adjustable in several directions in either wood or soft “No Impact” rubber on our sporting shotguns; “DTS Kinetic Balancer” devices for either stocks and barrels which not only make it possible to better balance the shotgun, but also reduce felt recoil.


They have been specifically studied and engineered for our American Trap and Double Trap shotguns in 12 ga only. They fit both our over and under and our single barrels either in the “Top Single” or “Bottom Single” versions. They are 25-mm high and allow 100% regulation of the point of impact.


We had the very ambitious project to create a new approach between shooter and firearm. We wanted to offer trap and sporting shooters, who are generally traditional and reluctant to change their shooting habits, the possibility to fully customize their shotguns. These ribs have been studied and engineered for our Trap and Sporting shotguns in both 12ga and 20ga. The minimum possible height of 17mm of the top rib makes it possible for the shooter to feel the same way he would feel with a traditional rib while shooting.

In other words there is no doubt that shooting a gun built with the “Impact” technology offers a big advantage especially in those sporting disciplines where only traditional shotguns have been used so far. They allow 80% regulation of the point of impact.


An additional and very important product has been recently added to our “DTS” adjustable rib project: the model Evolution. The technical features and adjustability are reminiscent of the Sporting shotgun model Impact. However the new adjustable rib is only 14mm high and comes with a vibration dampening system located midway on the barrel.

The range of adjustability has been reduced to 50/50% - 70/30% point-of-impact allowing the total height of the top rib to be reduced. The Evolution is the lowest height adjustable rib on the market today.

High rib competition shotguns are in demand by the modern competitor, but not everyone needs the extreme adjustability offered on some of the current Caesar Guerini shotguns.

The new Ascent is the answer for the shooter that desires a minimalist approach, but wants a higher, tapered rib and DTS Monte Carlo stock The barrel and stock have been tuned to make the shotgun balance between the hands for improved handling.

Our O/U Express rifle barrels come with specifically designed tapered top ribs provided not only with adjustable, highly fluorescent sights but also with two fast detachable bases which enable our customers to use the scope of their choice. Once again our “DTS” project has made it possible for our customers to get the desired point of impact based on the ammunition of their choice. As a matter of fact, we have designed and patented an interchangeable vanadium- chrome steel insert held in place in the muzzle area by two screws, which enables shooters to get the desired barrel regulation.


Our multidirectional “DTS” stock comb allows for 7 micrometric adjustments. It comes in wood and, on request, in “No Impact” soft rubber.

Both versions are fully interchangeable. The stock is also designed to fit the “DTS Kinetic Balancer” available on request. Thanks to three weights positioned between two springs each shooter can actually choose the perfect balance of his shooting tool, with a substantial reduction of recoil while shooting to the benefit of overall shotgun stability. This device is available also for barrel’s, the “DTS Barrel balancer”.