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Features & Benefits

Semiautomatic shotguns

Inertia system

Inertia-operated semiautomatic shotguns offered by Caesar Guerini work with a special double disk spring (not a coil spring) located on the magazine in the front fore-end section. Should one of the components break, the shotgun would still operate. Using a better, more elastic and smooth spring generates less recoil.

The kinetic mass that compresses the inertia spring is situated in the front part of the shotgun instead of the rear which makes the barrels more stable, offering a more comfortable sensation and reduces felt recoil while shooting. The cocking slide is a monolithic body with two parallel symmetrical bars that enhance the shotgun stability. The recoil spring situated on the magazine works parallel to the barrel axis and is extremely easy to remove and clean. This is a unique feature for Caesar Guerini when compared with other inertia semiautomatic shotguns where the recoil spring is situated inside the stock.

Loading and unloading

There are several shock absorbers in the gun: the most important one is situated behind the locking bolt and is wide enough to absorb even the strongest recoil. The ejector moves and can be put in the best possible position to eject any ammunition. Chambering cartridges is easy thanks to a special free floating carrier that makes it possible to rapidly cycle ammunition just operating the bolt handle. A convenient button closes the locking bolt.

The oscillating locking lug makes it possible to have a shorter and more compact receiver without compromising the safety. Caesar Guerini semiautomatic shotguns that have passed the Steel Shot Test can fire steel shot ammunition if provided with the correct chokes.

Stocks and forends

Our semiautomatic shotguns come with very elegant, hand-cut Prince of Wales pistol grip stocks, which differ substantially from the other machine-made round pistol grips, used on inexpensive guns. The Prince of Wales stocks also enhance the gun’s personality. Devoid of corners, the grip makes the gun easy to handle for different-sized hands. The new soft pad has been specifically designed to perfectly absorb the already limited recoil.