27 Gennaio 2011

Caesar Guerini Srl takes an equity stake in FABARM S.p.A.


CAESAR GUERINI today announced that it takes equity stake in FABARM S.p.A. creating the second largest shotgun manufacturing group in Italy.
The integration of the two companies will capitalize on the multiple synergies between the two companies: Joint  projects in Research & development, global purchasing and supply chain management, to strengthen its position by  improving its competitiveness.

The solid financial structure will enable the group to continue its large investment program made during the years 2000-2010 ( investment of 9,6 % of turn-over per year ).

The commercial policy of this entity is driven by innovation, increasing the in-house creativity, promoting the image and quality of the products and position them for a segment that wants to be sure of “100 % Italian made”, with the desire to allow both brands to maintain their unique personalities while pursuing growth through the enhanced capabilities of the new group.

About Caesar Guerini:
Caesar Guerini Srl is a worldwide leader in fine firearm manufacturing with multiple awards for product excellence.
Specializing in over-and-under shotguns for the sportsman and competitive shooter.

About Fabarm:
FABARM is a company with a sales organization which cover more than 50 countries. Recognized for their value and their innovative design, the products are based on innovative features and design, covering most of the market segments, from the civilian to the Law enforcement. “This decision shows our commitment to the continued growth of Caesar Guerini into new markets, and will be an important catalyst to rapid expansion of our manufacturing base,” said Giorgio Guerini, President of Caesar Guerini Srl.
Our team is excited by the bright future this new manufacturing group represents” said Ottavio Olini, President of Fabarm S.p.A.

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